Friday , 26 April 2019

Viveka Tamil Girl Looking For Love Friendship From Abroad

Viveka Tamil Dating Girl

Viveka Tamil Girl Looking For Love Friendship From Abroad

I still hope that this site is a great chance to meet real man. But of course I want direct, real communication. If you look for real woman – you have found her. If you look for real friend, I am here. I am devoted and loyal, caring and loving, stay optimistic even in difficult times. If you want to know me better then you like my beauty, right. But I have to make you sure that there are a lot of other things to like me for. I can say that I am decent and honest woman.I am a girl who have lot of different sides and it is hard to explain who I am. But I like when people find in my personality some common things and points of view, I like to joke.The person isn’t complete if he has no soulmate. I believe in love. And the man whom I look for has to be special. We shouldn’t be similar. I think, the understanding and trust is a basis of all relationship. Appearance of the man for me doesn’t matter. The main thing that the love was reflected in man’s eyes.I am looking for someone special to share my whole life with and start a family soon. I am independent person, but sometimes I feel lonely. I always know how to spend my spare time, but I am sure that I can spend it even better if there is a close and dear person near me.I want to find a kind, cheerful and active man, who like me wants to discover more and more things. A man with a good sense of humor, committed and reliable. If you want love, care and affection, and you’re ready to give the same in return, you are welcome to my world.

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