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Hanitha Tamil Girl Looking For True Ideal Love Friendship Person

I’m cheerful and friendly girl. I’m always have a good mood and try to be optimist in every situation of life. I like nature and everything what surround me.I like smart and interesting people, who have the purpose and can reach it.I like to read, art, I write a verses, painting and have a sport. I am fond of psychology ... Read More »

Gowshiya Tamil Desi Girl Looking Special Person For Her Life

I’m very energetic, always smile and laugh. I love to joke and have fun. I always invite my friend home with a pleasure. I love to take quests with delicious. I spend much time in the nature , village where my parents live. I adore apples.My favorite fruit. Even when I’m upset I don’t like to stay alone. I need ... Read More »

Humsavani Tamil Girl Looking For Good And Decent Life & Love Partner

My life philosophy is best expressed in the words of Mother Theresa: “If you judge people, you have no time to love them”. So I try never to judge and find more time to love. I’m an open and kind-hearted person, I accept people as they are without trying to change them, appreciate what I have and never take anything ... Read More »

Enusha Tamil Girl Looking Life Partner Honest And Ideal Friendship

I am sincere and direct, kind-hearted and tender. I keep being optimistic and charge energy from the wonderful moments of life. I keep myself fit by running and playing tennis in spare time. As a hobby I play piano. I m rather creative person, I like to be seeing the life in the movements. I am into sport, also loving ... Read More »

Adushka Tamil Girl Looking Life Partner With Sincere And Caring Quality

I am an open-hearted, kind, loyal, cheerful and caring person. Everybody tells me that I have a great sense of humor and I should confess that I adore laughing and being on a positive wave. I adore opening new things and like traveling a lot and I really hope that someday I enjoy cinemas, theaters and concerts, sometimes i like ... Read More »

Tisha Tamil Girl Searching Soulmate And Love Partner

Charming,life-loving girl. I have many goals and aims in my life and I am on my way to reach them. I have much energy and optimism, I dream to full my life with new emotions and feelings. I like to create my own world full of joy, gladness, happiness, beauty and love. A have a lot of friends and they ... Read More »

Joshva Tamil Girl Wants An Ideal Life Partner

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We love someone not because we finally have met someone ideal, but because we have seen the ideal things in someone not perfect. My life priorities are to love the only one and to take care about him till the end of the life, to raise children, to have a respectable lifestyle, and to be myself – to understand who ... Read More »

Shaanu Tamil Girl Looking For A Life Partner Online

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I think that lady shall be tender and agreeable. People who surround me say that I am exactly the same. I always can save my mind, though I take into account other opinions. I am open to my friends and close to me people. I hate lies and I value honesty and trust.An inside world is very important for me. ... Read More »

Leyana Tamil Girl Looking For Independent Life Partner

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I am kind and understanding girl. I love my family and friends very much and love to spend time with them. I am very purposeful and it is important for me to reach the goals I set. I try to treat life with humor and not to give up in any situation. I am fond of reading philosophic books, love ... Read More »

Tamil Girl Mesha Tamil Looking For Decent Dating Partner

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I am a cheerful, open, communicative and friendly person. I can say for sure, that I am a honest, direct and intelligent lady. I am an optimist and I do my best to keep a good spirit all the time. I always treat people the way I want to be treated by them. My close people say that I have ... Read More »