Friday , 22 March 2019

Shilpita Tamil Girl Looking For Here Future Soulmate Sincere Life Partner

Shilpita Tamil Dating Girl

Shilpita Tamil Girl Looking For Here Future Soulmate Sincere Life Partner

I am a tender, loving and caring lady. I love nature. I am very devoted to my family and friends. I dream about family warmth and harmony. I have a good sense of humor, I am a very easy-going and an open-hearted person. I like to make people smile. I’m sociable and I like to spend time with my friends outdoors in sunny days. I like animals, they make our everyday life much funnier and better.I’m looking for a nice, reliable man, who is honest and sincere. Who is slightly impulsive, with sense of humour, kindness and respect. Who takes life, world and other people as they are and who is able to get the best out of life. Who is old enough and is not afraid to make serious steps in life. Who does not play games and who dreams about real, wonderful family based on love and respect.I am very loyal person, I want to believe and trust in my man. I was easily deceived, and I do not want to play with my feelings. I’m looking for a serious man who wants to have a family. I’m not looking for an ideal, because there is no ideal people. I want to fall in love with all my heart. For me inner beauty is important.Man of my dreams, this is the one who will love me and take care of. Protect and carry them in his hands. I do not know exactly who I want, I know what my heart finds itself, the one I need.

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