Thursday , 25 April 2019

Shada Tamil Girl Looking For Life And Dating Partner

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I am an interesting lady that aspires to beauty, happiness and love. Being shy I can be at the same time very expressive lady. I am a person who wants to see others happy. Also, I am caring and sensitive enough to deserve love and attention of other people. I am feminine and sweet. I take interest in many things in this life. I love my life and it is beautiful as inside as outside. I have hobbies and like to share them with my friends. I like to do the things a real woman can do and has to do I would even say. I am interested in sport, fun, active way of life and harmony in my life.I am looking for normal, realistic man. I am interested in a strong man. Plus, I will feel more secure, if my man is experienced and if he knows what he wants.

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