Saturday , 23 March 2019

Panishka Tamil Girl Searching Social Loving Future Marriage Partner

Panishka Tamil Dating Girl

Panishka Tamil Girl Searching Social Loving Future Marriage Partner

I am a very conservative woman and I think that a man takes the initiative lead. A man must be a head of the family and a woman has to be a good housewife, a loving wife and she must do everything for happiness of her man and children. I dream to make our home more comfortable, to cook many tasty dishes, to take care of us. I love children very much, so I understand them and I find a common language fast.I am a very kind, tender, sensitive, well-educated woman and I really need a strong man, who will support me in every situation. I hate lies and treachery. For me, spiritual values are more important than material. I love my work, because every day I have the opportunity to create really wonderful design of clothes. It is important for me to understand, what a woman needs and that I realize her wish.I read some fashion magazines, books and other things in this area. It is a part of my job.It is very foolish to wait for an ideal partner. It is a mistake, because everyone has bad and good features. I don’t understand a woman, who tries to change a man. I accept your needs and habits and understand them. I think that it’s important if we both look in one side. My man should be kind, loyal, honest, loving and caring. He must have good morals and values. He must be serious about his intentions, and be ready to create a happy and friendly family, because it is what is very important to me. I would like to feel love of my partner every time.

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  1. I have searched for my future partner in Tamil girl

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