Saturday , 23 March 2019

Nitya Indian Girl Looking For Future Friendship Social Love Partner

Nitya Indian Dating Girl

Nitya Indian Girl Looking For Future Friendship Social Love Partner

I am passionate about life,I am impressed about people and things, and I would really like to share all emotions with someone special. I like active life style.I want my man to be open-hearted. Every person is individual. So, I do not have an ideal man for me. I should discover you and see what I like in you. Honesty is one of the most important features of character my man should possess, loving relationships can be built only on trust. I want us both to plant our special chemistry and attraction, the things which will grow bigger each day. I never make lists of pluses and minuses, because for me each single person consists only of interesting points which I would like to learn and accept. Welcome to my mad World. I am a very brave lady. Yes yes you read right. I am afraid of nothing. I am not afraid of love. I am not afraid of difficulties. I am not afraid to try something new. I am not afraid to take great care of people I love. I am not afraid to be happy. I think that life is great thing and I want to live it the best way it is possible.I am looking for a man who likes to smile, to have fun, to be serious when it is necessary, man who knows what he wants from life and wants to love and to get lot of love from his woman. The man with kind and honest heart. Who cares about the family and knows how to appreciate every moment of life. I want to share special moment with him. I will be so happy to be with the only one man forever.

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