Saturday , 23 March 2019

Nanditha Kannada Girl Finding Love Partner For Future Marriage

Nanditha Kannada Dating Girl

Nanditha Kannada Girl Finding Love Partner For Future Marriage

As for my character, I think, I am a calm, well-tempered person and rather modest. I am not sure but my friends say that I have good sense of humor. Actually, I love telling jokes and making my friends smile. I am quite sociable and talkative and I like being around people. I have a lot of friends and acquaintances. But sometimes I have those swings of mood when I feel sad and want to stay alone for some time. I think that’s quite OK because everybody has such moments. I like everything positive and when I have some problems I always try to find positive moments in them. I like to help people around and see how they become happy. I like kind, honest, polite, reliable and responsible people.My ideal of beloved man is tender and loving, insightful and clever. He will be ideal, if he loves me, take care of me and respect me. An ideal man is responsible, serious-minded, and I must be sure that I can rely on him. He must be attentive to me. The ideal man has signs of that it is provided with resources or is capable to earn them. Therefore, it is hardworking, well educated and ambitious person. It is possible to refer to resources also glory and the power, therefore, the ideal man occupies high situation in society. The ideal man for some years is more senior than the alleged companion that, probably, is indirectly connected with the status and with ability to earn.

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