Thursday , 25 April 2019

Mousami Tamil Girl Looking For Life Partner With Cell Number Friendship

Mousami Tamil Dating Girl

Mousami Tamil Girl Looking For Life Partner With Cell Number Friendship

I am a cheerful, communicative and easy-going person. I believe that there are more light and good things in our life. I think real kindness will always win.However, I know that our life is full of surprises. Moreover, sometimes the situation, which has seemed to be so difficult and bad for you, turns out to be a useful and life important lesson. I consider that everything happens to the best. I am not perfect. Nevertheless, I am not the person with a difficult nature. You will see that I am not selfish and I am ready to listen to every point of view. I can listen to everybody. But I always do my own conclusions. I am the girl with a character. I think that everybody has the right for a mistake. People have to be able to forgive each other. We have only one life and it is very stupid to spend it in anger, grief or sorrow. Let’s be more positive.Our happiness is in our hands.I am looking for a kind, responsible and caring man. I need a man with a strong character but who is able to be tender at the same time. I hope my man will have a good sense of humor. But the main thing for me is his attitude to a family and children. I want my beloved man to have the same family values as I do. I want him to be positive and optimistic.I would like to meet my true love and best friend, someone who value sincerity and feelings, who knows who he is, what he wants, and what things in life matter. Who isn’t afraid to make important steps in life. Who dreams about real and wonderful family based on love and respect. I want to meet my second half, who could carry on a conversation whether the story is funny or serious or maybe we could sitting in silence and to know that we are happy.

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