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Tamil Dating Aunties

Tamil Aunty Siddhita Kallathil Looking Future Life Partner Marriage

Tamil Dating Aunties

I have a good heart, I am a sincere woman, loyal, sincere woman. My dream to have a loving family. I am willing to travel across any sea to find true love. I need to belong to one man in the deep blue sea of love I am loving and caring. I am creative, easy-going, kind-hearted, tender, social, and optimistic ... Read More »

Vanshika Tamil Aunty Looking For Future Life Partner Marriage

Vanshika Tamil Aunty Looking For Future Life Partner Marriage

I am friendly and kind lady, very open hearted and believe that goodness and beauty will save the world. I like active way of life, to move all the time – to travel, to go out to see new places. I like to meet new people and get involved in new interesting projects. My friends say that I am a ... Read More »

Meshmi Rowther Tamil Aunty Looking For True Future Life Partner

I am fun and outgoing person. I like people, and love to be around all the exciting things that happen. I am a forever student, I think that experience and positive emotions can be gained from anything and anywhere. I love studying languages. It is one of my biggest hobbies. I think that language is a part of ones personality. ... Read More »

Luckshika Tamil Aunty Searching For Kind And Love Friendship Partner

I am a balanced personality who is sociable, energetic, kind-hearted and open-minded. I am sensitive and gentle, but I can be also protective. I love my family and my close people and I will do everything to protect them and myself. This is how it is now, but I am on this site to find a man who will make ... Read More »

Nilasha Tamil Aunty Looking For Marriage Dating

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I have good sense of humor and I am always positive with my friends and people around me! I like to give gifts to other people and and make Holiday from just a regular day for my family and friends! I enjoy reading books and photo shooting. I like people who do not look at your social status or beauty ... Read More »

Tamil Aunty Indhiya Looking For Life Partner Here

I am a kind of person, who will never quarrel. I am calm and very tender. I will do everything for people who love me. I am very practical. I love traveling very much and would like to see Hawaii one day. I think it is a very nice time when you have honey moon, because you go traveling with ... Read More »

Vedita Tamil Desi Aunty Looking For Faithful Marriage Partner

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I am an easy-going, open and honest in communication woman. I am very romantic and faithful in relationships. My friends say that I am a soul in the company. I like home coziness and adore to create it. I’m calm and home liking woman.I am tired of loneliness and I dream to create a family with a serious man. I ... Read More »

Eshvaani Tamil Aunty Wants Life Partner For Herself

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I am a self-sufficient woman, because everything in my life, I made it by myself! I achieved all thanks to my qualities purposefulness and hard work, this is probably a rare quality in a girl! I used to achieve the heights since childhood. I used to just win! First of all, as I say, I’m very caring. I always take ... Read More »

Kalvi Tamil Aunty Looking For Sweet Dating Partner

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Beautiful smile, a great personality, and just loves to live life. Well, I’m a merry, joyous and tender lady. People say I am bright and intelligent. I like to enjoy my days to the fullest, so I prefer to take all from life. Also I want to say that I’m very active, sportive and full of life. I prefer healthy ... Read More »

Biyanka Tamil Aunty Looking For Dating And Marriage Partner

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I am a very well grounded woman, laid-back but tons of fun to be around. I am very open-minded, very global in perspective, non-judgmental, kind, honest, very faithful, loyal, and an all-around nice person. I am cheerful, active, kind, romantic, full of passion and sensible. I am very dynamic and possess very strong family values. I like sports, dancing a ... Read More »