Sunday , 19 May 2019

Atheeva Indian Girl Looking For Future Special Life Partner

Atheeva Indian Dating Girl

Atheeva Indian Girl Looking For Future Special Life Partner

To learn more about me, I want to share my thoughts on the most important areas of life: I believe that children must be in the family and no matter how much. I believe that the work should bring not only money, but also fun. I believe that education is important first of all for myself. There is a self education every day. I believe that the family – the main thing in life. What do you think. On the weekends I prefer to deal with painting, to improve my vocal abilities, to practice photography, sports and outdoor recreation. In fact, I’m kind, sociable, cheerful, decent, honest. You will not regret it, if you want to know me.I do not need much. I’m not asking a lot, try to understand. I just wish that my companion had the qualities inherent for real man: kindness, honesty, generosity, understanding, courage, unselfishness. It’s a lot. I believe that I will find you, my fate.A good looking,smart girl,cheerful and lucky.I like to work with children,they are my inspiration.I am a cheerful lady, very kind and loving, I have a great sense of humor, which helps me to live and to stay a cheerful person. I am loving, passionate, devoted, faithful. I have the best family values.

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