Thursday , 19 July 2018

Solution Of Blogger Sidebar Moved To The Bottom

Blogger is the second largest blogging system after WordPress. After WordPress, it is blogger that is much liked by the webmasters. Everyday many people start blogging and make their blogs according to their own wishes.

Solution Of Blogger Sidebar Moved To The Bottom

Solution Of Blogger Sidebar Moved To The Bottom

Blogging is easy, but also very difficult. People makes blog daily and try to design according to their wishes. During designing, newbie can face many problems.Sometimes templates can be corrupt and this also big problem for the fresher.

About few days ago, I posted some content on my blog and after posting, when I viewed my blog, I noticed that sidebar of my blog sidebar has moved to the bottom. First, I become little bit confused, then I tried myself, but nothing happened.

I discussed with my other expert blogger friends, they all tried but all failed. I changed template, made changes in coding, but I also failed many time and one day, I thought from the beginning that what changes recently have made in my blog, Suddenly I noticed that I have posted some HTML coding in the blog posts. That was the real problem. HTML coding was the issue.

Then I started to delete the recent blog posts one by one and finally I got the post that was the issue of the blog sidebar moved to the bottom.

If you are also facing this issue, then first of all look into your recent blog posts and solve the problem immediately. The main solution of blogger sidebar moved to the bottom is that.

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